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Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is designed to give you complete control of the website’s content. CMS such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla allows you to update, publish, modify and maintain content on your website from a central interface.

The major advantages of CMS are the ability to keep your site updated without the use of any separate software. Businesses can maintain their website and content easily as it requires zero technical skills. Also, a dynamic CMS site is faster than a static site thus improving user experience. The flexibility and convenience of updating content makes CMS a preferred option for many businesses.

Menora provides customized CMS solutions to individuals and enterprises. Our content management services empower your business to maintain a dynamic site easily and helps in achieving your goals and deliver rapid ROI to your business.


Joomla is an Open source content management system enriched with multiple features, modules and templates. Joomla is one of the most popular CMS platforms due to its easy-to-use functionality. Easy installation, user experience and features like in-built SEO plug-in make Joomla a preferred tool.


WordPress is a highly accessible CMS platform which is used to develop websites of international standards. WordPress allows you to manage content like articles, blogs, photos, videos and data capture. More than 17% of websites run on WordPress, owing to its simplicity, flexibility and easy to install feature.


Drupal is a secure, robust and scalable CMS platform to develop complex and simple websites alike. The added features of Drupal include its multiple extensions and plug-ins. With over a million users, Drupal is simple to install and easy to customize.

Content Management Solutions

At Menora, we offer custom content management services to all our clients. Our services are directed towards your requirements and developed to achieve your business goals. We make sure our CMS solutions are highly scalable, business friendly and cost-effective. We offer our services in building a new CMS website and also introducing content management system in an existing websites. Our content management solutions have benefitted many businesses. Some of the categories we develop CMS for are:

Why Menora?

Menora provides content management solutions that reduce the cost of maintaining your site. Our team is committed to provide top notch CMS services using the best of breed technologies. Every CMS solution is provided after careful reviewing of your needs and specifications. Menora also provides support and training to help you get comfortable for using the system. The key features of our CMS services are:

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