Social media marketing directly connect to your target audience.

Importance of Social Media for businesses

The growing popularity of social media has made it a hub for businesses to connect with people as well. Thousands of people discuss about products, services and even look up for information and opinions on social media. Through social media marketing, businesses can increase visibility, shape brand image and trigger response.

Social Media such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram provide a unique platform for businesses to engage with a large audience and also build relationships with influencers. It is a place for companies to listen to conversions, interact with people and build a strong brand loyalty. You can also understand the interests, desires and opinions of the audience. Social Media acts as the right platform to formulate marketing strategies and to build a positive brand image. The benefits of social media marketing are:

  • Build brand image and customer loyalty through meaningful conversations.
  • Increase visibility to websites, blogs and other content sharing platforms by posting engaging content on social media.
  • Develop credibility and increase visibility through social media interactions.
  • Generate more leads and turn likes and followers into customers thereby maximizing your ROI.

  • Our Process

    We start by analyzing your current brand image in social media. We monitor influencers and your audience. This includes understanding the sentiments of the audience towards your brand, the conversations about your business, products and services and your competitors.

    Based on the findings, we assist you in finalizing the objectives and goals to be achieved. We then plan strategies for various factors such as content marketing, community management, and influencer marketing and reputation management.

    Advertising strategy and campaigns are developed to achieve these above mentioned factors along with lead generation, community growth, conversion and directing traffic to websites.

    This is followed by setting up accounts and handles on various social media platforms. We assign guidelines on how to interact with the audience. We also provide social media training to our clients in case they personally wish to handle the accounts.

    We combine the marketing and advertising strategies with creative content and ads to execute the campaigns. During the course of the campaign, we listen to conversations closely. Regular monitoring and reporting ensures the campaigns give the maximum results. We focus on starting conversations, building relationships and making you not just popular but profitable.

    The Core idea of Menora's social media marketing service is to bring you and the customers together by a 2-way interaction process.
    You can know more about your customer, the areas you need to enhance and the strategy you need to implement for brand awareness and high online reputation.

    Social Media Tactical Plan

    Our Plan includes the objectives to be used to accomplish the following social media goals.

    Menora's social media services include:

    More Engagements Equals Better Performance

    Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Rich Media.. The Network grows day by day and more user engagements on the networks every second sharing and commenting on content and links. As the audience reach expands, the brand and the reputation enhances. Through our social media service, we can help you drive more targeted visitors from different social networks successfully.