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Our core offering includes

Pay Per Click Advertising

Can’t seem to get enough traffic and growth into your website? Pay Per Click Advertising is the solution. Pay Per Click Advertising is an efficient advertising model built to generate more ROI by directing relevant traffic and maximize your conversion rate.

Why is Pay Per Click Marketing important?

Whenever users browse online, they are looking for information. Using search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, browsers key in phrases. Along with organic results, they come up on sponsored listings. These relevant paid search engine advertisements or otherwise known as Pay Per Click take browsers to the destination link. For every click made on the link, the advertisers need to pay the publishers.

Since PPC works on keyword search, this form of advertising helps to focus on niche market and audience. Through effective PPC strategy, you get relevant traffic, increased conversion and more visibility, all with a flexible paid campaign plan.

Why Menora stands out at PPC Advertising

Menora believes in a straightforward approach to Pay Per Click Marketing. Right from analyzing the keywords by using tools like Google AdWords and Google Sitemap, we help in finding the most relevant keywords for your business. This requires research of the business, its competitors and the audience. Also, regular tracking and monitoring ensures maximum output from the campaign. With a streamlined process and clarity on the goals to be achieved, the professionals at Menora combine creative content and clever strategies to bring you the best results.

Our Pay Per Click Services include:

All our Pay Per Click campaigns are customized according to the business. We first start off with an extensive research of the company, its audience, competitors, the products or services they sell and the image of the brand in the market.

We then discuss the goals and objectives to be achieved during the campaign with the clients. And, we develop a strategy to achieve all these objectives within your budget. This is followed by creating accounts in AdWords, Analytics and various other social networking accounts.

This is a crucial process of any PPC campaign as it brings in relevant and targeted traffic. Our experts fully analyze the keywords relevant to your business and the competition and finalize the list of keywords to be focused on.

Creative and compelling Ads and landing pages are created and set up to bring in more visibility. With eye-catching banners and content, we ensure the campaign has high conversion rate.

Our experts focus on automatic and manual bid management and also optimize the landing pages.

We keep track of the PPC campaigns and regularly monitor the performance. Daily reporting ensures we introduce changes to maximize the results of the campaign.

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