Digital Dashboard for Large Display

The Digi-View application allows users to create and configure web-based presentations. Once a presentation has been configured, the presentation can be displayed on any large screen.
The application supports multiple independent presentations at a time. Independent groups of users can be given access to different presentations.

The application supports multiple screen types.
» Image: Image screens are used when your data is in PowerPoint slides, excel graphs, word documents with images and drawings.
» Grid: This is used to show bulk excel data without formatting. Use only in cases where individual row formatting is not needed.
» HTML: This is a very flexible screen type which can display HTML. Data shown in HTML will be clear irrespective of screen size. The built in HTML editor on the screen configuration page can be used for minor corrections or for creating/editing simple text content. Creating/Editing non text content would require knowledge of HTML. To allow upload of excel files; a HTML generator application has been built. This application takes an excel file and generated HTML code. The generated code can be directly copied to the screen configuration (under the HTML tab). The generator can preserve formatting in the excel file.