Kenn Export Limited
Cloud Based CRM - Logistics
Kenn Export is a leading Exporting and logistic company based in Kent UK. The company imports and exports thousands of mechanical and electrical parts all over the world. They deal with many suppliers, customers and logistics company for every transaction. The company used an excel based application with Macros to keep and manipulate data everyday which is very troublesome and time taking. The data is also stored locally which has its own limitation. Menora Software has been assigned to develop a full-fledged customised cloud based CRM application to mitigate the challenges faced by the firm. There was a proposal to use one of the off the shelf CRM solution for this purpose but with the level of complication and customization needed, a customised CRM was very much needed. We have been successful so far in developing the CRM solution for Kenn which is exactly what they needed, fit for purpose and within their budget.

Main Modules
» Accounts
» Enquiry
» Quote and proposal management
» Order management
» Invoice management
» Inventory management
» Case management
» Reports/Dashboard
» Employee management
» Campaign/Bulk email