Evolution and revolution is the core keywords in IT world which has dominated always in technology and emerged consistently and infinitely. Primarily in the case of web designing and development, it is imperative that you keep pace & updated with the latest technologies or lose it to your market competitor. Internet has now become the blood of IT to keep business alive and therefore every firm is turning towards the internet in order not to miss any client who may be looking for the business online from any part of this globe. To give the clients best shot with cost effective and the consumers from all possible sources, it must be an indispensable decision to register online presence and a great website design is the key step towards it. Web development has taken a hurdle and many new technologies have transformed it completely to core requirement and business face. Adaptive and responsive designing taken over simple web approach.

First viewpoint in Mobile:

With huge ingress traffic from mobile users, it is very important to clasp them with a customized website. Gadgets like Mobile Phones and Tablets have taken the centre stage and the website design is centred around them. The responsive web designing has hence become the latest industry and media speak. The advantage of responsive design is a single template that can be used for the website and make the website responsive using CSS media queries. Bottom-line is no need for learning any complicated and costly technologies as it works well with traditional CSS and HTML. To make a website responsive one has became much easier with the Bootstrap and Foundation technologies. The responsive designing must be coupled with mobile first viewpoint for awesome results. Operating and large number of smart devices and multiple gadgets in home, it is challenging to design a website which runs perfectly in every one of its.

Ghost Buttons:

Ghost surprised with its CMS features but now it has becoming obsolete slowly in the upcoming trends. However, the ghost button that it introduced has become quite popular and is used by many website designs and developments. Many websites are offering tutorials for making ghost buttons. These buttons are not visible all the time, but appears on mouse hover or by tapping on the mobile phone. Any button with a call-to-action feature must be visible all the time and therefore it seems that this trend is not likely to stay for long, but presently is taking the web designing by storm and is extremely popular.

Impact of Card & Tiles based designs:

Responsive designs have made all websites mobile friendly these days and tiles or card based designs have become quite popular. This trendy designs has been introduced by Microsoft windows 8 and will likely to dominate few more years till 2019-2010. Impressive features of these designs are easily navigable and can also be tapped with ease, enabling the mobile phone users to use these websites with ease. The website with such designs does not appear stuffed and loaded despite having a lot of content. The design is almost became viral and will be pleasing customers having websites with rich content in the upcoming years.

Innovative & Logic Integrated UX [User Experience Design]

Logical & innovative UX requires the framework to be flexible to the needs of the client and focused around a situational analogy. An astounding illustrative area for context oriented UX in practice is Netflix’s ‘Prescribed for you” area. Believe it or not, Netflix controls their own first-party information, and along these lines has simple access to make this logical experience, however, as the client data we are ready to catch their expansions and our capability to make customized client encounters and to give their impact in business websites and traffic.