E-Commerce Website Design


E-commerce, the latest trend in the market, with its magic power has been growing rapidly across the world. Over the years, this ecosystem, surpassing leaps and bounds, has become imperative in one’s life. No doubt, the advanced technology especially online payment processing apart from rising internet, mobile penetration and favourable demographics has boosted the growth of E-Commerce significantly.

As the demand is increasing widely, E-Commerce players are mushrooming day-by-day. At this juncture, attracting customers and selling products is not cakewalk. Do remember that this is considered as the gateway to global customers; therefore weave unique sales and marketing strategies to convert visitors into customers. To survive and succeed in highly competitive E-Commerce business, utmost priority should be given to create a professional, compatible, customer-friendly E-Commerce website design.

This has been now known as the mantra to ease life. E-Commerce stands for easy search, easy buy and easy delivery. Consumers are showing huge interest towards to online purchase as they can avail lot of branded products at better prices followed with quality customer service at their comfort zone. Shopping through smart phones and tablets is also gearing up the momentum. It is paving the way for innovative sector i.e. Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce) and it will be a game changer soon.

Website Design Is The Key

Presentation is one of the key factors . Complicated E-Commerce website design, difficulty in navigation etc will drive out customers from the website. For instance, if features like product category, testimonials, search, latest arrivals, offers, shopping cart etc are not properly presented in the E-Commerce website design, customers will not show any interest to buy it and business will be lost finally.

Professional and elegant website design designed by E-Commerce website design company has become a benchmark now to attract global customers as well as to increase website traffic. The companies specialized in E-Commerce website development creates website that appeals to the customer aesthetically and ensures it is user-friendly as much as possible. The design should narrate a story, persuade, inspire and memorize customers that they are part of the brand. If E-Commerce website design is awkward target set for an E-Commerce business will not be achieved even if prices are low or an array of quality products.

E-Commerce website design company using advanced  website development technologies ensures hassle-free buying and transaction. So how we can create a successful E-Commerce website design? 20 essential tips given below will be handy for  website designer as well as E-Commerce website design company in creating user-friendly design or in redesigning the existing one.

  1. Easy Filtering, Easy Business

    Filtering Menu eCommerce website

    The primary objective during E-Commerce website development is that the design should be in such a way that it should be able to easily manage the filtering system depending upon product category. Common parameters such as brand name, size, colour, price, product comparison etc should be given.
  2. Prominence To Search Line

    Search Line eCommerce website design

    Consumer who visits the website in hurry-burry may not find what he/she needs in first visit. So he/she might try search option for finding needy product quickly. Therefore ensure that the search line is designed in an attractive manner and positioned in a prominent place in the website while E-Commerce website development.
  3. Keep Product Equilibrium

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a pivotal role in bringing customers to website hence removing the “Out of stock” product from the website is not a good practice. At the same time customers should not feel bad with “Out of stock” message as they might have spent hours for buying the product. So always keep a balance between “In stock” and “Out of stock” products in E-Commerce website design. Give prominence to available products and add a field “Notify me when the item is in stock” will be an ideal solution.
  4. Utilize High-Quality Photos

    High Quality Image in eCommerce website design

    Customers, often, are keen to see photos of the products which they are planning to buy to ensure that it’s worth for their money. For instance, consumers while buying jewellery, clothes, watches, mobile phones, camera, washing machine, footwear etc mainly rely on photos uploaded in the website. Keeping this in mind E-Commerce website design company should use high quality product photos to attract and convince customers that products in the website are excellent and real. At least five photos should be displayed along with the product. Different views of the product will be very helpful.
  5. Visible Shopping Cart 

    Shopping Cart in eCommerce website design

    The key objective of the shopping cart button is to select the product easily and purchase. Hence the button should be placed in a convenient position for the customer. It will be handy if shopping cart button is accessible even when customers scroll down for other products. Photos of the products that have been selected will give a refreshing look to the shopping cart button. In addition to this, inform consumers that the website has grabbed renowned trust certificates such as Hacker Safe or VeriSign apart from tailor-made features to ensure privacy of the customer during E-Commerce website development. It will instill confidence in the mind of customer and they will purchase product from the website without rethinking.
  6. Bread Crumbs

    BreadCrumb in eCommerce website design

    Bread crumbs is a navigation tool that facilitates the user to explore the website i.e. categories, products etc effectively as well as efficiently. The users can access E-Commerce websites with wide number of categories easily with the help of bread crumbs. By allowing customer to see where they stand in the hierarchy of a website, bread crumbs enhances overall usability and functionality of the website.
  7. Quick Navigation

    Quick Navigation in eCommerce website design

    Giants in E-Commerce business will have wide varieties of products and sub categories. Therefore E-Commerce website designer should use drop down menus instead of making website crowded and cluttered with products list and menus.
  8. Specify Total Cost

    Total cost in eCommerce website design

    It is better to mention final cost of the product in the product page or shopping cart page. Also provide an option to calculate delivery charge if applicable. So that customer will be aware of the total cost before finalizing the deal. Otherwise customer will get irritated about “surprise” additional cost during the final stage of transaction and it will spoil the relationship as well.
  9. Use Pixels Wisely

    E-Commerce website design company understanding the exact requirement of the client will create E-Commerce website design that attract target audience, their taste and preferences. They even consider each pixel as a tool to accelerate the growth of the website. Besides, they will experiment innovative ways to enhance customers’ satisfaction and achieve desired results.
  10. SEO Fuels Growth

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the key factors in E-Commerce website developmentSEO determines future growth of the website. If SEO is enabled perfectly it will bring customers to the website.
  11. Uphold Site Personality

    eCommerce website development

    Build a professional, elegant website which is easy to use. The website should be unique in terms of theme, colour selection, layout design, photos etc. Customers will always recollect the unique feature of a website. Therefore developing a personality for the website is crucial and should uphold it to create an impression about the brand.
  12. Social Media Icons

    eCommerce web development

    In E-Commerce website development, managing social media is a huge task. Social media is an effective and economical marketing tool to boost up sales and promotion. However placement of social media icons on the website is a herculean task. The social media links should not divert the attention of the customer while searching for a product/information. There are several untapped social media platforms. So a plan to utilize social media effectively is crucial; it will definitely help to generate business as well as to improve brand reputation.
  13. Product Preview

    eCommerce website evelopment

    The feature disseminates instant information about a product i.e. brand name, size, price etc using high-quality image. Quick review is the USP of this feature. The customer can explore a product without leaving the category page. Simple product preview/product card will definitely help to grab the attention of the consumers towards the products displayed in the website.  
  14. News Letter Form

    News Letter Form for eCommerce Website

    To succeed in E-Commerce business, companies should build a pool of loyal customers. To build that customer base companies first need to know their customers. News letter will help to collect the list of potential/interested buyers. Later it can be used during festival seasons or to inform customers about new product arrivals, offers etc. E-Commerce website design company should create well-designed news letter sign-up form in simple format (Name, Email id and mobile number are enough) should be placed in most visited pages so that customers if needed can easily subscribe.  
  15. Clean Product Pages

    Product image sample for eCommerce websites

    E-Commerce website designer should maintain a visual beauty in the product pages to attract customers. Proper space for each product, brief about the product, price and a quality photo are essential. However, adding a lot of stories, unnecessary advertisements and additional images will clutter the page and distract the attention of the customer. In short product pages should be tidy like a real store.
  16. Credible Testimonials

    Credible Testimonials

    Credibility of the website matters a lot in E-Commerce business. The new customers will be keen to know the experience of people who have purchased from the website. At that time testimonials which appreciate about the products, features and services of the website will help to ascertain the goodwill of the website. Automatically it will persuade the new customer to buy a product from the website.
  17. Product Variations

    Product Variations for eCommerce websites

    Give a clear picture about all the product variations. For example, the size, colours available, quantity of the stock etc. Add high-quality images of the product as well.
  18. Smooth Checkout

    Smooth Checkout option for eCommerce websites

    The check-out process like buying and purchase should be hassle-free for the customer. Single page check-out with less content is more appealing and it may generate good conversion rates. While designing E-Commerce website design company should exclude sidebar navigation, promotion of products, offers and advertisements from the check-out page. 
  19. Visible “Add to cart”  

    Visible Add to Cart

    E-Commerce website development ensures a clear, bold and pleasing “add to the cart” icon will be helpful to the visitor to select a product easily and move on to transaction. The icon should be positioned in a visible area.
  20. Simple Contact Page


    A simple contact us page highlighting necessary contact details (Office address, number/e-mail/website) is must. Ensure that details given in the contact page are correct.